Heyy! Wow I am so excited for this year! I can not wait to get started! I will start off first by introducing myself… Hello, my name is Sarah Maher and I am from Magrath Alberta.  I want this blog to be personal and fun for you all to read. The only way I can achieve this is if you get to know me first.

Some things about me, is that I LOVE chocolate, Nutella s’mores with strawberries are my all time favourite! I’m not even going to get started on my love for ice cream… we could be here a while! My first word was not mom, or dad… it was shoes! I am very flexible, I can do all three splits. I get along with kids very well, as I come from a rather large family. My favourite movies are hands down Disney. A week ago, I went and watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Let me tell you, it is one of the cutest movies!


I absolutely love being outdoors and hiking! I’m already counting down the days until summer so I can start hiking! (57 days to be exact) I love horses, my grandparents own a horse ranch called Sandy Ridge Stallion Station where I have spent all my summers at, for as long as I can remember! I am very artistic, I love anything from painting, to sculpting. A fun fact about me, is that I can make a bird call with my hands.

I have been to Paris, Dominican Republic, Mexico and numerous States and Provinces throughout North America.  I am an honour student, and I would have to say that math is by far my favourite subject. Although I love chocolate, and ice cream, I like to take care of myself. At night I go on runs, and in the summer I run in the morning. I don’t know what it is, but when you take the time to take care of yourself you feel so good afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my chocolate!


Well now you know a little bit more about me! This year is going to be such a great year! I am so grateful for this opportunity I have been given to represent Alberta this summer in Toronto, since being selected as a finalist I have been given the opportunity to fundraise for both “Free The Children” and “Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Society” I am so excited to see what this year has to hold for me, and I am so excited to see you all at my public event appearances!


Yours truly,

~Miss Teenage Cardston County <3

Written by: Sarah
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