Thank you everyone who came out to the Magraths Farmers Market and bought treats for “Free The Children Charity”! It was a great turn out and I am thrilled to say that we raised $237.55!!

Some might wonder what they do? “Free The Children implements its development projects through its “WE Villages” program, formerly known as “Adopt a Village”, in rural China, Nicaragua, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Haiti, India, and Ecuador. The program is made up of five pillars: education, clean water and sanitation, health, opportunity, and food.”

What is really unique about Free The children, is that on average 89% of every donation goes directly to the children. This is what really stood out to me as I prepared for this event.

As some might already know, after lots of discussing and deep thinking, I have recently decided to redirect my platform to promoting the importance of education, my dream is to one day work with an organisation that gives kids who can’t afford proper education, the opportunities they deserve. I chose this platform because it is something that I am very passionate about, almost 25 million children will never get to go to school because they simply can’t afford it. This needs to change, I am prepared to spend numerous hours and hard work to fundraise for free the children this summer. In hopes to make a change and help kids who are relying on us to help them.

Once again, thank you everyone who came out! Keep posted for other fundraiser events I will be hosting for Free The Children through this summer!

Yours truly,

~Miss Teenage Cardston County 2017

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