Chautauqua festival was yet again another amazing event hosted in Raymond Alberta! This was my first year attending the Chautauqua festival, and what better way than volunteering?!

I wouldn’t have even known about it, if it wasn’t for Tasha Reeves coming up to me at a previous event I was attending. Asking if I would come out and spend time with the children, talking about my road to Miss Teenage Canada Nationals 2017, I was thrilled! I immediately contacted two of my Pageant sisters, as they both lived in the Areas that the Chautauqua festival represented.

Some might be wondering, what is Chautauqua all about? The Chautauqua festival occurs every year, between Magrath, Cardston and Raymond, Alberta. The Chautauqua festival is a time where our communities come together to celebrate the areas that we live in, this years theme was, “Canada’s Mormon Trails” this was such a unique experience to be part of, as I originally come from Calgary. It was so fascinating to learn more in depth about my hometown, as well as my neighboring communities that I am representing throughout my year of reign!

I was able to meet lots of truly inspiring people, all while having so much fun! We were given a tent, where we spent time making crafts with the kids 😉 I personally love anything to do with arts or crafts, so honestly I couldn’t imagine a better day! At one point I had a little girl come up to me, asking if I was a princess then pointing at my crown. My heart melted as I saw her smiling little face staring up at me, I just smiled shaking my head as I continued to ask her how her day was. She began to tell me about how her family came to Chautauqua to spend time together. She continued to tell me more about herself, including her many brothers, which I can definitely relate to as I have 5 brothers!

Overall Chautauqua festival was another amazing event! I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have been given to become more connected throughout my communities. Until next time!

Yours truly,

~Miss Teenage Cardston County 2017 <3


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